Aster Vellies Caramel

Aster Vellies Caramel

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Extremely comfortable cotton lace-up leather shoe with thick non-slip rubber sole.

Available in 2 colour options.

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1 review for Aster Vellies Caramel

  1. Annamarie Hamman

    These are the best shoes that I have ever bought, the softest most comfortable. absolutely love the bottom of the shoe.
    I bought a pair of chocolate brown ASTER VELLIES in Windhoek Namibia. I ordered a second pair because they are the most comfortable shoes I have been blessed to wear. Then the shop in Windhoek closed, what can I do now.
    Kind regards

    • Elaine van der Westhuizen

      Hi Annamarie, so happy to hear you are loving your Katy Kruger Aster Vellies. Unfortunately the Windhoek shop closed for now and the only way for you to get hold of these amazing shoes ☺ are by courier from SA to Namibia. It is an expensive story unfortunately. The courier fees can be anything from from additional R500-750 rand. We do have stock and if you like you can send me your address in Namibia and we can do a quote for you if you want to continue we will be HAPPY to send you your Aster Vellies in Caramel colour.☺

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