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Katy Kruger SA is a family-owned business, started in December 2016. In just a short time, we’ve grown into a well known local brand in South Africa. All Katy Kruger SA products are locally made in the Katy Kruger Studio just outside of Hartbeespoort, North West. With an amazing team of people, each bringing their unique skills and experience to the business.

Our passion and love for what we do reflect in every aspect and every product Katy Kruger SA creates. We pride ourselves with our handbags and other leather products.

Superior craftsmanship, passion, and value for money are at the core of the Katy Kruger offering. Giving customers more than they expect and providing them with a unique shopping experience. Katy Kruger products are handmade ensuring every product is one-of-a-kind.

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Katy Kruger

About the Company

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How it started…

 It started with an idea, that developed into a room, grew to a garage and eventually expanded to a factory of people, machines, ideas , passion and lots of handbags.

 Katy Kruger was started by Werner van der Westhuizen who wanted to start a business for his wife, who soon found out his wife took it extremely serious. ☺

They named the company after Katy their eldest daughter and started the corporate identity based on professional service, quality products and a brand that people can remember.

 The small family business soon grew to additional 2 family members that took on the rolls required in production. With over 35 years in production experience, the production team was established with the skilled seamstresses and management. During 2018 Katy Kruger kept on growing and growing and welcomed a dynamic mother-daughter team to the shareholder’s team which added many years of sales experience to the Katy Kruger team.


2019 Katy Kruger expanded into shoes which were named after Lillian the second daughter born in 2018. Since the start of Katy Kruger in 2017, Katy Kruger managed to grow from strength to strength and are excited to keep adding quality products to the South African market and other international established markets.


Mini Marie

Mini Marie Cherry Crossbody Leather Handbag

Iris Lace up

Iris Lace up Dusty Pink Leather Shoe

Contemporary Temptress

Contemporary Temptress Cognac Leather Handbag

Tulip Pump Shoes

Tulip Pump Grey Leather Shoe

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