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We Are Uniquely South African

Katy Kruger SA, started in December 2016. In just a short time, we’ve grown into a well-known brand in South Africa. We pride ourselves in providing top quality and unique styles of bags, shoes and other fashion accessories.  Katy Kruger leather bags and accessories are manufactured in Hartbeespoortdam, North West, South Africa.  Our leather shoes are sourced from the best local and international suppliers based on quality and market demand.

Katy Kruger started with local manufacturing, specializing in leather handbags which soon moved into leather accessories, belts and shoes. This was outsourced as demand outgrew local production capacity. This lead to more product offerings to our loyal customers. Our passion and love for what we do reflects in both service delivery and product quality, giving us a brand that is trusted both locally and internationally.

The introduction of our new product range, using a diverse range of fabrics and materials, has allowed Katy Kruger to add another dimension to the brand enabling both retail and corporate customers to get more value and product options.

This is Katy Kruger SA

About the Company


Mini Marie

Mini Marie Crossbody Leather Handbag

Iris Lace up

Iris Lace-up Tan Leather Shoe

Marie Anne

Marie Anne Choc Combo Leather Handbag

Tulip Pump Shoes

Tulip Pump Grey Leather Shoe

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