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Stunning value leather handbags and shoes combining beautiful designs, with unique high-quality leather.

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Lillian Leather Shoe Range and Leather Handbag Range Pdf Downloads

Lillian Shoe Range


You do not need to find choosing the perfect size shoe a challenge;

Take a walk in our shoes, using these steps;

  • Put one foot on a blank A4 sheet of paper (Sitting or Standing).
  • Lean your leg slightly forward so that your knee is in line with your toes
  • Draw an outline of your foot on the paper (Draw closely to your foot).
  • Measure the length of your foot from the back of the heel to your longest toe
  • Repeat with the other foot
  • Choose the longest foot for your ideal measurement.
  • Measure your foot against the foot chart.

Handbag  Range

  • Marie-Anne Combo
  • Mini-Marie
  • Messenger Bag
  • Fearlessly Bold
  • Sarah
  • New Hollywood
  • Crossbody Shoulder Bag
  • Belinda
  • BackPack
  • Standard Laptop Bag
  • Duffel Bag


Lillian Shoe Range Pdf Download

Handbag Range Pdf Download